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Ballougry Primary School, Londonderry


Ballougry Primary School is committed to inspiring the whole school community in the active pursuit of learning.

We encourage an inclusive atmosphere, where children are truly valued and the achievements and contributions of the entire school are recognised and celebrated.


Ballougry Primary School promotes the values of respect, perseverance, teamwork, self-discipline, compassion, self-belief, honesty and responsibility.


Ballougry Primary School is committed:

  • To develop a school in which the members of the community have confidence and feel welcome.
  • To help pupils develop a lively enquiring mind.
  • To develop a sense of fair play, tolerance and respect towards other people and their views.
  • To create a happy, stimulating and imaginative environment where children are keen to learn.


We, the Staff, Parents and Governors aim to encourage each and every child in all aspects of learning by:

  • Providing a happy, positive, stimulating environment in which each child may acquire the skills and knowledge required by the Northern Ireland Curriculum.
  • Enabling all pupils to be caring towards each other and their community
  • Encourage parents to become involved in the education of their children and in school life
  • Encouraging pupils to be caring towards each other and their community
  • Helping pupils to develop an understanding of their own heritage and culture and a tolerance of others
  • Developing in the children an open minded attitude and the confidence and ability to think, question, observe and make wise decisions
  • Developing an awareness, understanding and respect for the environment and the world
  • Encouraging the development of Christian morals
  • Fostering links with other schools in the area