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Ballougry Primary School, Londonderry

Future of Ballougry

We are delighted to use this space to share our future plans at Ballougry Primary School. We are always working extremely hard to improve the facilities and the provisions which are available at school for our children. We have a hard-working staff who invest their time and energy in improving the facilities within our school grounds and they are always considering curricular links and inclusion of all year groups in new provisions.

Provision for our children

During the recent 'Lockdowns' of 2020 and 2021, we have been investing heavily in new rooms and areas for our children. The current plans are:

  • We have developed plans to create a new sensory space/room within school. We have begun to invest money in the resources already. This room will be available to all of our children whenever they need. The room will consist of many different resources including different lights and lighting objects, sensory items, music, dark corner using a child's tent, colourful seat areas, and an interactive whiteboard. Sensory rooms are incredibly important for children's development and allowing time for them to process their thoughts and feelings. The room will also be available for use by many outside agencies including child therapy and play therapy. We are hopeful this area will be ready in early September 2021.
  • We are also developing plans for a new dedicated library space. This space will give the children somewhere to go when they need to select new books, a space with colourful seating options, and plenty of light. The calming area of a library will allow class groups to go there for reading time or simply to listen to their teacher sharing a story. Reading should be done in a relaxing and calming atmosphere and this dedicated library space will provide that. We are also hopeful we will have this space ready for early September 2021 as we have already invested the money in the resources and are awaiting some interior work.

Our School Facilities

We have continue to invest in the upkeep and development of our school building as a whole. Many areas of the school are benefiting from this investment, allowing us to keep our school clean, tidy, and a special place.

  • We have had a number of our areas within the school building freshly painted, bringing a bright and vibrant feel.
  • We have had ground work done to reduce the hedge at the back of the slow allowing all the classrooms along the back to benefit from the much improved lighting in the classrooms. The reduction of the hedge has also allowed for a bright and open pathway between buildings.
  • We are developing and branding new signage for the exterior of our building. We are hopeful some of this signage will begin to appear over the next few months - Keep an eye out for it!
  • We have invested in new playground equipment for our big playground and for the front garden. We have also invested in new colourful outdoor chalkboards for both the main playground and the front garden. We cannot wait to see these up!

We will continue to invest in our school and you can watch our updates here. We would love if anyone can help us in any way to please get in touch and let us know!